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SB:11 vetoed by Governor Dannel Malloy – Take Action!

July 12, 2011

Governor Malloy vetoed the bill that protects individual, family, small group and long term insurance policy.

The Problem: Health care insurance premiums have risen 135% in Connecticut in the last 10 years. This rate of increase is among the highest in the nation.

The Solution: SB11 was passed by the State Legislature so that consumers could take a serious look at any proposed increase in premiums that was more than 10%. The bill allowed the State Attorney General and the Health Advocate to intervene to protect the interests of consumers in these rate cases.

Governor Malloy has already chosen which side he is on the insurance companies! His arguments:

  • SB11 “would add approximately $181,800 to the current budget, which is already under great stress.” The truth is all costs would be paid by the state’s insurance fund which is paid for by the industry and not taxpayers.
  • SB11 “will increase the cost of health insurance for Connecticut’s residents, not decrease it as SB11 intends.” The truth is that the Insurance Department denied a 20% increase for existing individual policy holders when forced by public demand to hold a public hearing only months after the same Insurance Department approved a 47% increase for new policy holders without a public hearing.

Caring Families Coalition wants to know:



Tell your representatives to vote for affordable health care for all CT resident –  Support SB: 11 veto override!

                      Senate Democrats  800-842-1420

                        Senate Republicans  800-842-1421

                      House Democrats  860-842-8267

                         House Republicans   860-842-1423

Let Caring Families organizers, Eva and Sarahi know if you will support a veto session by attending.  CFC will keep you posted on when it will be.

Please report back on the response you received by calling Eva Csejtey or Sarahi Almonte at Caring Families Coalition.

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